The ones you called a “friend” will only bring you down at the slightest chance a false accusation, rumors and whispers in the crowd are passed along faster by the one you called a “friend”…..that is why i have decided to ghost to give myself time to think and distance my self from those who only laugh when they see your pain…….right now my only goal and aim is to make my parents proud,unfortunately My Beautiful big Sis. R.I.P isn’t around to tell me what to do anymore too much shits going and and the only one to confide in right about now is GOD. I’m sorry for shit Ive caused people,and i hope to change my entire personality .

Fake Friends can be the downfall of anyone as it has been for me.


Leon Ashton Williams

What are you yellow? You’re hidin like a coward and I don’t allow it, you get devoured. Cause you can’t cope, cause I’m so dope and you don’t have a prescription, so you just walk like an Egyptian.

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